Cherry Hex And The Dream Church – Witch Girl EP

Cherry Hex And The Dream Church – Witch Girl EP

Reviewed by Morph

The first time I heard Cherry Hex And The Dream Church was just over a year ago. They were the opening act at a gig I attended in their hometown of Nottingham. Upon seeing them take to the stage with just a glockenspiel and a bass guitar I’ll be honest in saying I wasn’t overly hopeful of hearing anything good. I was wrong. What I heard was an unexpected treat!

Singer Maddy adds a dreamy feel to the songs with her vocals & glockenspiel and it combines perfectly with the effects that Alex produces on his bass to create a haunting melancholic sound.

Cherry Hex And The Dream Church

The duo released their debut EP ‘Tea Of Tears’ not long after I saw them play and a year on they have just released their followup EP ‘Witch Girl’.

If you like moody/experimental indie pop then you are going to love this EP. I guarantee you will get the EP’s second track ‘Help & Glue’ stuck in your head and ‘Toska’ which was released as a single earlier this year is an absolute gem. Title track ‘Witch Girl’ opens the EP and sets the tone from the off and closing track ‘You’re Dreaming Again’ manages to feel both eerie and beautiful at the same time and leaves you wishing for more.

You can purchase Witch Girl both physically & digitally here

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