Live Gigs

I have quite a few gigs to catch up on from the last week or so, so I’m just going to put them all in this blog post along with a bit of a comment and some videos from the gigs where I have them.

Dilly Dally & Weaves @ Hare & Hounds

This was a gig I’d been really looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint. A headline act in Dilly Dally supported by another band good enough to be a headline act in Weaves.

This was the third time I have seen Weaves now and they just keep getting better with their fun, zany alt-rock.

They always put on a great live set and it’s been a pleasure having them over here so much in the UK in the last year or so. Hopefully it’s not too long before they are back again.

You can see Weaves perform Two Oceans below and also see two more videos from their set on my YouTube page.

This was my second time seeing Dilly Dally now after first seeing them in Manchester back in January.

I absolutely love their dirty, grungy sound and the distinctive vocals of Katie Monks. I look forward to seeing how they progress in 2017 now that they have probably finished touring their excellent debut album ‘Sore’.

You can see Dilly Dally perform Snake Head below and also see two other songs from their set here.

Set list –

Candy Mountain
Ballin Chain
Snake Head
Gender Role
Know Yourself
Purple Rage
Get To You
Ice Cream
The Touch


Seafoal @ The Sunflower Lounge

I’m not going to lie and say I’m a big fan of Seafoal but I liked a couple of songs that I had heard and I figured going to a gig was better than spending a boring Tuesday night at home.

The main support was provided by Anavae, and while it’s not really my kind of music I did enjoy their set. They reminded me a bit in sound of Evanescence.

You can see Anavae perform Forever Dancing below and also see one other song from their set on my YouTube page.

I enjoyed Seafoal’s set but what was disappointing for me was the number of people who appeared to go to the gig just to stand there and talk through the performance. There’s nothing worse than trying to hear the music over the chatter of people who could just be standing upstairs in the bar if they wanted to talk and not listen.

I’m glad I’ve seen Seafoal play though and you can see video below of a cover of the 1975’s Somebody Else and also see Chess on my YouTube page.

Set list –

Intro: Submerged
Van Gogh
Someone Else
You’ll Be Sorry


GIRLI @ The Bodega

Last Thursday saw a trip over to Nottingham so I could see GIRLI. She was supporting Oscar and being the support act is ideal for me with Nottingham as it means I can see the set and make it back to the train station for the last train home at 9:39pm.

Opening the night were local duo Cherry Hex And The Dream Church.

Their music is probably best described as melancholic dream pop and their cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division fitted in perfectly with their own songs.

I really enjoyed their set and this is a band I definitely want to see again.

You can see Cherry Hex And The Dream Church perform You Always Lost In Truth Or Dare below and one other song from their set here.

GIRLI was great fun. Performing alongside DJ Kitty she put on an attitude laden set that had me wishing I was young again and feeling like I could take on and beat the world.


I’m sure the future is going to be full of great things for GIRLI and I really hope I can catch her again in Birmingham on Saturday, again supporting Oscar, before I go to see Estrons play.

You can see GIRLI performing Fuck Right Back Off To L.A. and also see three more songs from her set on my YouTube page.

Set list –

Girls Get Angry Too
Note To My Sis
Too Much Fun
Find My Friends
Fuck Right Back Off To L.A.
Girl I Met On The Internet
So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya


Anteros @ The Sunflower Lounge

Friday night saw me back to gigging in Birmingham with a really great set from Anteros.

In all there were five bands on the bill and opening the night were Rinse from Stoke.

I really enjoyed seeing these guys play and think they definitely have a very bright future. A really good band. Check them out.

You can see Rinse perform Not Too Late below.

I’m afraid I have to admit I’ve completely forgotten the name of the next band that played but with all respect to them their music didn’t do anything for me at all. I thought they were quite bland and that’s probably why their name has escaped me so easily.

The following band though I did enjoy, Music Like Lemons.

I think it’s fair to say lyrically these guys aren’t going to win many prizes but at the same time I don’t think they take themselves too seriously, and what they are is a very energetic and fun live band to watch.

Sometimes you see local bands who you hope you never have to see support the main act again but Music Like Lemons are band I’d happily see play on a set again. They really got me in the mood for Anteros.

You Can see Music Like Lemons perform Lemon Tree and Tick Tick Boom below.

Anteros were amazing.

These guys are going to be huge. They have perfect indie pop songs that will very easily cross over in to mainstream and in singer Laura Hayden they have a great frontwoman who reminds me of a 1970’s Debbie Harry.

I also got to chat with Laura at the end of their set and she was absolutely lovely.

Jump on the Anteros bandwagon now because once you do you won’t get off. An absolute pleasure to see them live and I hope to see them many more times from this point on.

You can see Anteros perform Fade To Grey below and also one other song on my YouTube page.

Set list –

Better Luck
Fade To Grey
The Beat
Drive On
Ring Ring


Natalie McCool @ The Sunflower Lounge

Saturday night saw me straight back at my favourite venue again, this time for Natalie McCool.

Opening the night was local act Bryony Williams who I really like and it’s always a pleasure to see her play. Bryony has a sweet voice and released a really good E.P. in Wanderlust earlier this year that you should check out.

You can see Bryony perform Grindstone below, complete with a couple of fuck ups lol.

Natalie McCool was really good live and put on a very enjoyable set.

This was a case where I left a bigger fan that when I entered.

As with Seafoal, who I mentioned above, I had heard, and liked, some of Natalie’s songs but couldn’t say I was a big fan of hers. I again went as it looked like a gig worth attending and it turned out more than that as I am now definitely a fan. I thought Natalie was great and I’m looking forward to giving her new album a lot of listening.

Natalie McCool
Natalie McCool

Natalie was also sweet to talk to after the gig and while she was happy for me to shoot video, which I did, she did ask that it was for personal use only and not uploaded to YouTube which of course I’m happy to honour. So you’re going to have to get off your arse’s and go see her live for yourselves!

Set list –

Dig It Out
Cardiac Arrest
Oh Danger
Just Let Me Go
Feel Good
You & I
When You Love Somebody

Coves – I Just Don’t Care

Coves released their excellent second album ‘Peel’ back in April and I Just Don’t Care is taken from the record.

It’s a cool indie rock tune and if you like this I suggest you definitely check out Peel.


Coves are playing a great show at The Lexington in London tomorrow night (Sept 28th) that includes support from INHEAVEN & Sløtface.

This is a gig I really wanted to go to as I’ve not seen Coves or Sløtface live yet and I always enjoy seeing INHEAVEN. I have come close to buying a ticket and train tickets for the gig on a number of occasions over the last few weeks. The only thing that has ultimately stopped me is that the following day I’m going up to Manchester to see Estrons and I think a trip down to London, getting home at around 2am and the going to Manchester the next day and getting home at 3am is a bit too much for me.

Shame as I’m sure it’s going to be a great night and I’m jealous if you are going.


GIRLI – Girl I Met On The Internet

I like GIRLI because her music is fun and full of sarcastic lyrics and for an old guy like myself it makes me feel young again listening to it.

She is the feisty pink Princess who tells it like it is and doesn’t give a shit if you don’t agree.


I had the pleasure of seeing GIRLI live last week at The Bodega in Nottingham and I really enjoyed her set. It was full of youthful energy and swagger.

I’m hoping to see her again on Saturday if the stage times line up right for me. She’s supporting Oscar at The Rainbow in Birmingham and I’m hoping I can see her set before heading up to The Sunflower Lounge to see Estrons.

If you do have tickets to see Oscar on his current tour then make sure you see GIRLI play before him. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime though you can check her out on SoundCloud.


IDER – King Ruby

A sweet pop song from North London duo IDER today with King Ruby.

Megan and Lily have been getting a lot of praise ever since uploading their first song ‘Sorry’ to SoundCloud earlier this year and it’s easy to see why with songs this good.


The girls are playing on a bill with Dagny & Geowulf at The Lexington in London on January 9th that I’m hoping to get down to.

You can also catch them supporting Connor Youngblood at Birthdays in London on Tuesday (Sept 27th) and at Kamio, also in London, on November 22nd.

For more on these gigs you can check out their Facebook page.


Black Honey – Hello Today

Black Honey have made writing great songs seem effortless and they’ve done it again with new release Hello Today.

The Brighton quartet are the epitome of cool and they just keep getting better and better as they head towards mainstream stardom.

Black Honey
Black Honey

Black Honey will be out on the road in October and what makes their tour even greater is the fact they are being supported by the amazing Dream Wife.

You may struggle now to get tickets to some of the gigs but you can see the dates below.

October 1st – Southsea Festival – Southsea
October 2nd – The Deaf Institute – Manchester
October 3rd – The Louisiana – Bristol
October 5th – The Lexington – London
October 6th – Patterns – Brighton
October 7th – Rockaway Beach 2016 – Bognor Regis
October 8th – The Lexington – London
October 10th – The Rainbow – Birmingham
October 11th – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy – Glasgow
October 12th – Belgrave Music Hall – Leeds


Anteros – Ring Ring

Anteros have just released their Breakfast E.P. and are currently on tour to promote it.

In fact I’m going to see them play tonight at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham.

They are a band who have a great knack for making cool indie pop tunes and Ring Ring, which is taken from the Breakfast E.P., most definitely fits in to that category.


As I mentioned Anteros are now on tour, they started yesterday, and if you’d like to see them then you can do so on the following dates.

September 23rd – The Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham
September 24th – Underground Festival – Gloucester
September 26th – The Waiting Room – London
September 27th – Joiners – Southampton

You can keep up to date with the band at their official site or via Facebook


Pixx – Grip

A Song Of The Day today from one of my favourite artists in Pixx.

I’ve seen Pixx live three times this year and Grip has long been my favourite song of hers, but hearing it recorded has taken it to a whole new level of awesomeness. I love it.


And talking of live, Pixx is playing at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London tonight. But don’t worry if it’s too short notice for you to attend as she will be out on the road next month supporting Glass Animals. I’m going to head up to Liverpool to see her.

Full dates below.

October 21st – O2 Academy – Oxford
October 22nd – The Dome – Brighton
October 25th – Roundhouse – London
October 26th – Manchester Academy 2 – Manchester
October 27th – The Art School – Glasgow
October 28th – O2 Academy 2 – Liverpool
October 29th – Olympia Theatre – Dublin


Yonaka @ Nambucca

Last Saturday I made the trip down to London to see one of my favourite bands (and people) Yonaka play at Nambucca.

The event was put on by DJ Abbie McCarthy and promoters Hopscotch and was in aid of the charity Mind, which campaigns for better mental health care. As someone who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks I was only too happy to help contribute towards Mind.

In total there were four bands playing and that was then followed with DJ sets by Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and a set by Mystery Jets. I left after Yonaka finished though as it was time to get back to Euston to get my train home.

I moan a lot about how poor Birmingham can be with regards to the turnout numbers wise for gigs so it’s only fair that I say for once London disappointed me. Given the fact there was four very good bands playing and that it was for a very worthwhile charity there really wasn’t that many people there. I was expecting it to be pretty full.


Opening the proceedings were Fish Tank from Kent.

I was scheduled to see Fish Tank play at The Sunflower Lounge earlier this year, I think supporting Get Inuit, but for whatever reason it was a gig I didn’t get to, so it was good to finally see them live.

The trio play a fun brand of indie guitar pop/rock and have some really catchy songs. They also have a bit of a DIY feel to their songs, which is cool.

Definitely a band worth checking out live.

You can see Fish Tank performing one of the songs from their set below. I’m afraid I’m unsure of the title of the song.

Next up was a band I wasn’t familiar with who turned out to be a real treat. The Modern Strangers.

Sometimes you see a band and instantly know that with a bit of luck they could really go big and that’s exactly how I felt watching The Modern Strangers play through their set of very funky indie disco tunes. I know I wasn’t the only one impressed with them as Theresa from Yonaka also commented on them.

I really suggest you give these guys a listen on SoundCloud, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Unfortunately I don’t have a video from their set to share with you.

The penultimate live act was Palm Honey. A band I saw play at The Sunflower Lounge way back in January.

Whilst they were good back in January it did seem that they were still developing some of their songs and that they weren’t the finished product. That didn’t appear to be the case on Saturday though as the songs felt far more polished.

If you want a nice psychedelia sound then Palm Honey are definitely the band for you.

Again I don’t have any video to share but please do go and give them a listen on their SoundCloud page.

An interesting fact… Palm Honey were the first band to do a Q&A for Morphettes!

And so to Yonaka

This was the fifth time I have seen them live this year, meaning they are now the band I have seen the most in 2016, moving out of a tie on four with Estrons, Bruja and local Birmingham duo Apathy.
In fact five times in four different cities which is pretty cool lol.

And obviously the fact I have seen them five times is because I think they are pretty damned awesome. I’ve also got to know the band over the course of the year and they are all really good people so my reviews and comments on Yonaka are always going to be slightly biased. OK, very biased!

Seriously though, they are just a great band. They have the songs. They have the sound. And in Theresa they have a frontwoman who not only has a really great voice but who is also captivating to watch perform with her dance moves. I’m pretty sure this is a band on the cusp of great things.

Unfortunately they only have two songs available online at the moment which you can listen to here, but all being well they will be releasing a new song sometime next month and going on tour in November.

You can however see Yonaka performing Pride, which is my favourite of their songs, below.

Set list –

A Meaning
Song 2
Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

Japanese Breakfast – Everybody Wants To Love You

If you read this blog regularly then you may well know that I’ve been saying for a while now that Psychopomp by Japanese Breakfast, the project of Michelle Zauner, is the album of the year.

And despite the release of Heads Up, the excellent new album by Warpaint, Psychopomp still stands at the top of the pile in my opinion.

Everybody Wants To Love You is one of my favourite songs on Psychopomp and is today’s Song Of The Day.

Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast

I was fortunate enough to see Japanese Breakfast play live at Visions Festival in Hackney back in early August and it was a great experience. Michelle will be back in the UK for some dates very soon and I’m hoping to catch her in Manchester and again in London.

Somewhat annoyingly the date she is performing in my local area in Birmingham is the same day I’m in Manchester to see Warpaint.

See dates below.

October 18th – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton *
October 19th – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds *
October 21st – The Hug & Pint – Glasgow *
October 22nd – The White Hotel – Manchester
October 23rd – Swn Festival – Cardiff
October 24th – Hare & Hounds – Birmingham
October 25th – The Lexington – London

* – With Porches


Gig Catch Up – Methyl Ethel & INHEAVEN

Time to catch up on some gigs from last week.

Last Tuesday I saw Methyl Ethel play at Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath.

This was an occasion where I got lucky as two weeks prior to the gig I had never listened to Methyl Ethel. I only did as I was considering going up to Manchester for a gig a few days before this one where Methyl Ethel were playing so I decided to give them a listen. It’s fair to say I was hooked after just one play of their album Oh Inhuman Spectacle. And whilst I didn’t end up making the trip to Manchester I did see that Methyl Ethel were playing at Hare & Hounds in what was a hastily arranged gig due to the band having a bit of free time whilst over here in the UK from Australia.

Maybe the gig being arranged fairly late in the day and not getting much promotion contributed but it was again a poor Birmingham turnout as the band played to only a handful of people. And it’s a shame as they were excellent live.

I would have been gutted if I got in to the band just after this gig and then found out I’d missed a chance to see them play.

If you have been an idiot like me and somehow missed hearing these guys then please do check them out. A real quality band.

Although for Aussies they lose a point for not being familiar with the legend that is Gary The Goat.

You can see Methyl Ethel perform Obscura below and also see two other songs from their set on my YouTube page.


The following day would see me go to a different part of Birmingham, The Rainbow in Digbeth, to see INHEAVEN. A band I most definitely were well aware of before the gig.

INHEAVEN are a band (and people) I really like and this was the fourth time I have seen them live now but the first time with them as the headline act. Unfortunately though, as with Methyl Ethel, it was another poor turnout numbers wise for a band that deserve better.

Given that Pale Waves were the support act and local band Gleam were opening I was actually expecting a pretty full house for this gig so I was actually stunned by the low turnout.

Still, it was certainly a good night for those of who were there.

Gleam are most definitely one of the better local bands in my opinion. I see some local bands get a lot of attention and it makes me wonder why as I think they are just pretty ordinary. I’m not gonna name names as it wouldn’t be fair as we all have different tastes in music but for me Gleam are definitely one of Birmingham’s standouts. So check them out if you get the chance.

Manchester’s Pale Waves played a very good set that had the youngsters in the crowd dancing.

I first saw Pale Waves play at Dot To Dot Manchester so it was good to see them live again with their dreamy indie pop.


INHEAVEN were their usual excellent anthemic selves although I don’t think the sound engineer quite had their levels right. I think the vocals could have done with being a tad louder.

The youngsters again though certainly didn’t care as they enjoyed themselves immensely in the mosh. I had bruises to prove it as this old man got slammed in to on a plethora of occasions!

One plus from their set was getting to hear bass player Chloe kind of rap on new song Treats. Eminem has a new challenger!

I just hope the band get bigger crowds during the rest of their first headline tour.

You can see INHEAVEN perform Stupid Things below and also see some crowd action along with Real Love on my YouTube page.

Set list –

All There Is
Stupid Things
Baby’s Alright
Meat Somebody
Real Love
Bitter Town