PURS – Tame

Today’s Song Of The Day is Tame by PURS.

Serra Petale can normally be found being awesome on the drums and providing backing vocals in Kid Wave but now she takes over the mic in new band PURS.

There doesn’t seem to be much information about the band online at the moment so I’m not sure if Serra is still on drums or if she is on guitar this time round like in the photo below.


What I do know though is Tame is a really sweet piece of shoegaze so I look forward to hearing more from the band.

And whilst Serra is my favourite drummer, if she is on guitar this time round that will be a cool change to see.


Twin Kidd – Fade

Today’s Song Of The Day is Fade by Twin Kidd.

I had the pleasure of seeing Twin Kidd play recently at Rough Trade in Nottingham. It was an afternoon of free music put on by Faction and BBC Introducing and I went along as Yonaka were playing but got the bonus treat of seeing this extremely talented local trio open the day.

As someone who has been to a lot of gigs in Nottingham over the last 18 months I can honestly say Twin Kidd are right up there with the East Midland bands I’ve enjoyed the most. They have a brand of indie/electro pop that is topped off by the sweet vocals of singer Stefanie Williamson, making it a joy to listen to.

Twin Kidd
Twin Kidd

The band have just released Fade as a new single and if you’d like to purchase it you can do so here at their BandCamp page.

If you’d like to see video of Twin Kidd performing at Rough Trade then you can do so on my YouTube page.


Martha – Ice Cream And Sunscreen

Today’s Song Of The Day is Ice Cream And Sunscreen by Martha.

Some indie punk to start the new week off in the form of Durham four piece Martha. Ice Cream And Sunscreen is taken from the bands new album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart which is released on July 8th.


To celebrate the release of the new album Martha will be out on the road in July. You can see them play on the following dates…

July 1st – Soup Kitchen – Manchester
July 2nd – Rough Trade – Nottingham
July 8th – Wharf Chambers – Leeds
July 14th – Alington House – Durham
July 15th – Scruffy Murphys – Birmingham
July 16th – Summer Streets Festival – Sunderland
July 17th – Audio – Glasgow
July 22nd – The Dome, Tufnell Park – London
July 23rd – Exchange – Bristol



Today Morphettes brings you an exclusive Q&A with rising London based punk band MOLAR.

A big thanks to Adri & Su for taking the time to do the Q&A.


MOLAR Facebook
MOLAR Twitter
MOLAR Bandcamp

MOLAR have a number of live dates coming up as they hit the road with Dirtygirl for a tour. I’m very much hoping to get up to Manchester to see them play.

May 28th – The Green Door Store – Brighton +
June 22nd – The Old England Pub – Bristol *
June 23rd – Fuel Cafe Bar – Manchester *
June 24th – The Audacious Art Experiment – Sheffield *
June 25th – Wharf Chambers – Leeds *
June 26th – Mono Cafe Bar – Glasgow *
June 27th – Empty Shop HQ – Durham *
June 28th – The Crescent Community Venue – York *
June 29th – JT Soar – Nottingham *
July 1st – Coachwerks – Brighton *
July 2nd – Veg Bar – London *
July 28th – DIY Space For London – London ^
July 31st – The Green Door Store – Brighton #

+ – With Downtown Boys
* – With Dirtygirl
^ – With Ay Carmela!
# – With Radioactivity

The Q&A…

Morphettes: How would you describe your music to people who have yet to hear it?

Adri: We sound like GG Allin covering Britney Spears I’d say.

Su: This is very hard, I never know what to say when people ask, I really can’t compare it to anything so I say its kind of punk grunge-ey.

Morphettes: How did you come up with your band name? Any other names you nearly went with?

Adri: We were at Su’s house and we had just recently decided to start a band… and since we’re all from different countries and stuff we were like “shit what do we have in common??” and the answer was teeth!!! Then that just evolved into MOLAR, not exactly sure how. We were called “Girl Sports” for like maybe two weeks before that.

Su: We were called Girl Sport for a little bit but, we were not sure so then we all wanted our name to be a body part, cause we all have bodies, so we started reading from a list of body parts and got super excited when we got to MOLAR and that was our name.

Morphettes: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Adri: It changes all the time for me. I’m mostly influenced/inspired by the last women I’ve seen on stage – so at the moment it’s The Coathangers.

Su: I listen to a lot of different things but I don’t really feel it influences the music we make.

Morphettes: First concert you ever attended?

Adri: High School Musical Live. I wish I was kidding.

Su: I can’t really remember, probably some small band in Venezuela, I was never a fan of big concerts.

Morphettes: First album you can remember buying or owning?

Adri: Nooooo idea, I think it was Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” possibly??

Su: I remember my uncle giving me Guns N’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion I & II for Christmas when I was like 7.

Morphettes: If you could be in any other band, or be any other solo artist for the day, who would you choose and why?

Adri: Against Me! Because Laura is a fucking genius and I’d love to see what she’s planning for the new album.

Su: I would like to play drums like Bill Stevenson (Descendents) but I don’t think I would like to be any big band out there.

Morphettes: Favourite song?

Adri: This Old Heart Of Mine – The Isley Brothers. (Morphettes: Great song!)

Su: My favourite song today is Rites of Spring – For Want Of. Take into consideration that yesterday I was thinking that Elvis Presley – Always On My Mind is the greatest song ever.

Morphettes: Favourite album?

Adri: Let it Be – The Replacements.

Su: Argh, no I can’t. Impossible for me to say just one album.

Morphettes: Favourite film?

Adri: Kill Bill.

Su: E.T.

Morphettes: What five people, dead or alive, would you choose to come to your dinner party and why?

Adri: Ok so I would invite Su, Eilidh and Sandra*, so that’s 3 people down – and then I would invite Kanye and Kim and make them listen to MOLAR and just take in all of their feedback and talk about dumb stuff later.

Su: I would probably have the girls because being with them is always special. Stanley Kubrick because I need to ask him everything about each and every one of his movies and Gwen Stefani because I need her to tell us how to be so incredibly cool!

* – Eilidh & Sandra are the other two members of MOLAR.

Dream Wife – Kids

Today’s Song Of The Day is Kids by Dream Wife.

London based trio Dream Wife have released one of the songs of the year so far with the brilliant Kids. This song is simply immense from the first second to the last and shows why they are one of the most exciting new bands of 2016 so far.

Dream Wife
Dream Wife

Dream Wife are playing a free show at Rough Trade in Nottingham on Thursday night. I would love to have gone but they are on stage at 9pm and the last train back to the West Midlands is at 9:39pm meaning I’d only be able to see a couple of songs before having to leave. If only the last train was at 10pm.

Hopefully I can catch them live somewhere soon.


HMS Morris – Interior Design

Today’s Song Of The Day is Interior Design by HMS Morris.

I love everything I’ve heard by HMS Morris so far, including the stream of their Glastonbury set that I watched live last year, so it’s great to have some new music from them.

I think it’s fair to say Interior Design is catchy as fuck. The single is released on July 22nd.

HMS Morris
HMS Morris

HMS Morris are a band I really want to see live so I hope it’s not too long before they go on a tour. Great band.


Hinds – Easy

Today’s Song Of The Day is Easy by Hinds.

Spanish quartet Hinds have released a video for Easy, one of the many great songs from their debut album Leave Me Alone which was released at the start of 2016. I’m not sure whether Easy is an actual single release or whether the band have just decided to give it a video.


Easy is about self destruction at the end of a relationship.

“The music video shows how crazy you become through the breakup and the crazy things you do to try to not confront it,” Ana García Perrote told Vulture. “You may go crazy with food, alcohol, drugs, boys, parties — everyone does something crazy. It’s just that moment where you feel so lonely that you have to do some crazy thing and not think all the time because thinking is even worse than being drunk or on drugs.”

I think it’s fair to say it’s not the prettiest Hinds video to watch!


The Sugarcubes – Deus

Today’s Song Of The Day is Deus by The Sugarcubes.

It’s Throwback Thursday and today we go back to 1988 for Deus by The Sugarcubes. Deus was taken from the bands excellent debut album Life’s Too Good.

The Sugarcubes
The Sugarcubes

Deus was Bjork and Co’s second most successful song in the UK charts, reaching number 51. The bands biggest UK hit was the aptly named Hit from 1992 which reached number 17.

Bjork would of course go on to have massive solo success. The Sugarcubes were a great band in their own right though.


Japanese Breakfast – In Heaven

Today’s Song Of The Day is In Heaven by Japanese Breakfast.

Whilst there is still a long way to go in 2016 I find it hard to believe anything will better Psychopomp by Japanese Breakfast as my album of the year. It’s an incredibly beautiful record born from the sadness and grief of the death of Michelle Zauner’s mother. I don’t know if it’s the fact I’ve recently lost a parent also but this album just really connects with me. It’s stunning.

Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast

In Heaven is the opening track of Psychopomp which you can purchase here.


Yonaka @ Rough Trade Nottingham

On Sunday I made the trip to Nottingham to see Yonaka play at Rough Trade Nottingham. Support was provided by Twin Kidd.

Well actually part of the above is not true. It wasn’t technically a Yonaka gig in the true sense of the word, they were the last but one band to play, and whilst Twin Kidd did open the proceedings there was another act between them and Yonaka. But Yonaka was the band I came to see and Twin Kidd happened to be a pleasant bonus.

The gig was a free gig held at Rough Trade in Nottingham. Every third Sunday in the month Faction and BBC introducing put on a show at the venue.

When I saw Yonaka post about it, with the bonus that they were playing at 6pm allowing plenty of time to get a train home to the Black Country, it was a no brainer that I would be going. I’ve been desperate to see Yonaka again ever since they blew me away with their performance at the start of March at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. So this was a great way to spend a Sunday.

Also on the bill alongside Yonaka & Twin Kidd was Tom Walker and Gold Sounds.

Despite the many trips I have made to Nottingham for gigs I had never been in Rough Trade before. Downstairs is a record store but upstairs is a cafe/bar that has a small stage area. It’s actually a pretty cool place.

A few days before the gig I happened to listen to local Nottingham band Twin Kidd on SoundCloud and I liked the two songs they have online, so I was actually quite excited to see them play. And they didn’t disappoint live. I really enjoyed their set.

This is a band with a lot of potential and some really good songs and I look forward to seeing them grow and become more well know. Singer Stef has a lovely voice.

I really want to see these guys play again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

You can see Twin Kidd performing Hate On You below and also see the band play Soma on my YouTube page.

Next up was Tom Walker. I have to admit to sitting down and getting to know my pint a little bit better during Tom’s set. I heard his set but couldn’t see him from where I was sitting.

Musically he isn’t really my thing but normally I would still have stood and watched him play as a mark of respect but I’ve been dealing with a head cold for around a week now and it wasn’t helped by having to stand up on an absolutely packed, red hot train from Birmingham to Nottingham on the way there. So I decided to rest my aching body through his performance. Sorry Tom.

And then it was time for Yonaka.

Being a free gig and on a Sunday afternoon/evening I was expecting Rough Trade to be pretty packed but to my surprise it wasn’t. For once from a selfish point of view because of feeling a bit rough with my cold I was actually happy it wasn’t.

I’m not going to knock Nottingham crowds because there’s only been two other times I’ve been disappointed in a small turnout, including Bully’s debut UK gig, and normally they are great from my experiences, but I was a little shocked there wasn’t more in attendance. I’m not sure if more came in for Gold Sounds as I left to get my train home after Yonaka.

I love Yonaka. When I saw them in Birmingham a couple of months back I was only familiar with two of their songs going in to the gig but as I mentioned above they blew me away with their performance. I remember saying to singer Theresa after that gig how it was as good a performance as any other gig I had seen this year up to that point.


Every great band has to have a compelling front person and Yonaka have that in Theresa. Not only does she have a stunning, powerful voice but her dance moves on stage draw you in. There is something almost demonic about them as if her body is taken over on stage by some force that makes her judder and stutter along with the beat. Add in the great energy provided by bandmates George (guitar), Alex (bass) and Robert (drums) and you have a band that you don’t just want to hear, you want to see as well. These guys are special.

Having only chatted previously with Theresa before it was nice to chat with the whole band this time. They are all really nice people who all took time to thank me for traveling over to see them play. If you haven’t listened to Yonaka before then please do so on their SoundCloud page or on my YouTube page because these guys deserve your ears and eyes. Great band, great people.


You can see Yonaka performing A Meaning below and see three more from the day, and indeed four from the March Birmingham gig on my YouTube page.

Set list –

So Well
New One
A Meaning